Storytelling plays a crucial role in how we share knowledge and learn about the world around us. Not only do stories teach us about life, they can also inspire us, fuel our imaginations and encourage us to act.

We are collecting stories of change to share and demonstrate how rapid transition has happened in the past, remove excuses for inaction and show the way ahead.

Transformative changes are called for to prevent climate breakdown and create the conditions for people to thrive together. These types of large scale, rapid changes can seem difficult to achieve but through our storytelling, we aim to show that this type of rapid transition is not only possible but has also been done before in many different ways.

Contribute a story

We want to learn from where, when and how things have changed very quickly. Do you have a story of rapid transition?

They could be from the past or now, and from anywhere in the world. We are interested in all sectors of the economy. They don’t have to be specifically about sustainability, though we’d like you to tell us why they are relevant and what lessons they might offer for rapid transitions to sustainability.