We are building an Alliance for Rapid Transition. The organisations who are already part of it are hugely varied. What unites them is the belief that we must act urgently to maintain a habitable climate, and that our action must be at a speed and scale to match the challenge.

We are bringing together groups to learn from each other that are international, highly local, specialised and with broad approaches, engaged in practical work, research and campaigning for change.

We are united by the importance of evidence based hope. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can,” although spoken in a very different context, those words of the great sportsman, Arthur Ashe, neatly capture how in tackling climate breakdown we must begin now, with the choices available to us and use all the opportunities we have.

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Evidence based hope

Through the combined knowledge and experience of the Alliance, and beyond, we aim to show that there is evidence for hope and spread that message to the other groups and people we know, and to decision makers. All Alliance members also commit to make changes to align themselves with the international climate targets too.  A huge range of examples exist from the very local to very large scale, and from the past and present, that show our ability at achieving rapid change. No single one can tell us everything, but the range of evidence we are gathering shows the possibility of rapid transition across the economy and the diverse dimensions of our daily lives.

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Making the rapid transition to a world that can flourish, fairly, without destroying our climate and the web of life we depend on, needs a big alliance.

If your organisation is fully committed to making the rapid transitions to a world that can flourish, fairly, without destroying our climate and the web of life we depend on, then join the Alliance now.

You can read our pledge here and please complete this form if you would like to be considered for membership of the Rapid Transition Alliance.