Our people

Andrew Simms

Andrew Simms is Coordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance, an author, political economist and activist. He is co-director of the NewWeather Institute, Assistant Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility, a Research Associate at the University of Sussex, and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation (NEF). His books include The New Economics, Cancel the Apocalypse: the New Path to Prosperity, Ecological Debt and Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? He tweets from @andrewsimms_uk

Peter Newell

Peter Newell is Research Director of the Rapid Transition Alliance. He is Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex. His research focuses on the political economy of low carbon energy transitions and global climate change politics. He is currently an ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow and is on the Board of Directors of Greenpeace UK and Carbon Market Watch in Brussels. His books include Climate for Change, Governing Climate Change, Climate Capitalism and The Politics of Green Transformations.

Nathan Oxley

Nathan Oxley provides strategic communications input to the Rapid Transition Alliance. He works at the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton, UK. Nathan’s work focuses on dialogue between research and practice on sustainability. He leads the communications work for the ESRC STEPS Centre, which works with partners around the world to open up debates and consider options for inclusive pathways to sustainability.

Sophie Marsden

Sophie provides communications support and manages the website at the Rapid Transition Alliance. She is a Communications Officer at the Institute of Development Studies and focuses primarily on the design and production of print and digital content.

Nicky Saunter

Nicky is a serial entrepreneur who is interested in ways of working that integrate ethics, social justice and sustainability with flexible business models on different scales. She writes for the Alliance and is also Co-founder of the Beaver Trust.