The climate is changing faster than we are — how do we speed up?

The climate is changing faster than we are — how do we speed up?

Rapid economic transition, including widespread behaviour change to sustainable lifestyles, is necessary to live within planetary ecological boundaries and to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees. Find out more

Scientists say we have only a few years to stop the planet warming above 1.5C. Can we do it? History is full of examples of rapid change.

We worked with Tamarack Media to produce this video for BBC Ideas.


What are your lessons from lockdown?

What can be learned from the coronavirus pandemic for the challenge of rapid transition in the face of the climate emergency and building fairer, more equal societies?

For several months we have asked for people to share their experiences of lockdown and see what lessons you might have for bringing about a rapid transition, and living happier, more caring and less polluting lives. We received an inspiring, hugely varied collection of personal stories, insights and reflections. They are organised around three big themes: how we can look after each other better as societies, how more space for people and nature can be found, and how those who already have enough can thrive with less ‘stuff’.

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We have collaborated with colleagues and other organisations, talented designers, filmmakers and writers to develop a set of resources that show some of the headlines of what we have learned, and things that we might want to keep for the future. We want to make sure that these free to use, unbranded lessons, contributed to by many of you, travel as far as possible. You can access these resources below and please share these with your colleagues and networks and use them as you wish.

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Contribute a story

We want to learn from where, when and how things have changed very quickly. Do you have a story of rapid transition?

They could be from the past or now, and from anywhere in the world. We are interested in all sectors of the economy. They don’t have to be specifically about sustainability, though we’d like you to tell us why they are relevant and what lessons they might offer for rapid transitions to sustainability.