The climate is changing faster than we are — how do we speed up?

The climate is changing faster than we are — how do we speed up?

Rapid economic transition, including widespread behaviour change to sustainable lifestyles, is necessary to live within planetary ecological boundaries and to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees. Find out more

What are your lessons from lockdown?

The #climateemergency hasn’t gone away and big change is needed. Many people have shown remarkable powers to adapt during lockdown. We want YOU to share your #lessonsfromlockdown so we can #reset better, by sending us short films on your phone.

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Scientists say we have 12 years to stop the planet warming above 1.5C. Can we do it? History is full of examples of rapid change.

We worked with Tamarack Media to produce this video for BBC Ideas.


Contribute a story

We want to learn from where, when and how things have changed very quickly. Do you have a story of rapid transition?

They could be from the past or now, and from anywhere in the world. We are interested in all sectors of the economy. They don’t have to be specifically about sustainability, though we’d like you to tell us why they are relevant and what lessons they might offer for rapid transitions to sustainability.